Display Ipod Screen On Tv


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Out of interest is it possible to display the ipod screen on tv, ie so you can see the song menus, titles etc, at the moment i hook my ipod video to the tv using the s-video cable out of my altec lansing speakers to view video.

Any info would be great


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You can watch video and photos but no menus or anything else like album art.

Photos look ok but the video is so compressed it looks awful on a large screen.


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There are 2 docks available one from DLO and the other soon to be released from Griffin which allow on screen menus from the iPod to be displayed and controlled remotely:smashin:

The DLO is available now and about £129 the Griffin is expected very soon and i think about the £70 mark , they both seem a very good idea if you have a system like mine where everything ie TV and audio are linked. I can therefore look at the Ipod menu on the screen and control it with a remote and have the sound thro a good hifi system.:smashin:

Its just a shame apple havent thought of this and brought one out it always seem to be the add on accessory suppliers who bring these out first.


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A couple of the new mid range av amps do this (as well as handle the sound of course).
e.g Yam 759 (with add on), Pio 2016.

They don't handle the video though


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The DLO is rumoured to be buggy. I'm waiting for the Griffin one, but all of their 5G products seem to be on an interminable delay. I'm also waiting for the iTalk 5G.
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