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As there seems to be a whole load of questions going up about this currently, for obvious reasons, I thought I'd put up a FAQ/ info thread.

Q1. How does one subscribe to Disney+ US?

A1. Currently, subscribing through your US iTunes account, after downloading the app seems to work well.

Q2. Can I use the free trial?

A2. Yes but, you will need credit in your account to cover the first month at least.

Q3. Will I need to fudge my geolocation (use a DNS proxy/ VPN) to subscribe and watch content?

A3. Yes, currently.

Q4. Which DNS proxy/ VPN services work?

A4. SmartDNS Proxy has been confirmed to work by a few forum users. Getflix also seems to work. There's some more info on these and how to subscribe to them in @-gonzo- thread here.

Q5. Where do I buy credit for the US iTunes?

A5. See @-gonzo- very useful thread here. Offgamers.com is another good source (I've used them).

Will update and amend as questions come up. And please ask any related questions here, to keep the other threads on topic.

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