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Disney Treasures series (tin boxed set)

At amazon.co.uk for £4.97 each, This is the cheapest i have seen them yet and sure to increase in value once deleted.



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I ordered all four last month... and Volume 2 of Mickey wasn't the metal case edition - however the rest were. A few reports around the boards seemed to suggest this was the case (pardon the pun) for everyone.


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Just saw this thread and ordered the DVDs from Amazon! :) I love old cartoons so these are a must-have for me! Not too worried about the metal case, personally.

By the way, I don't know if this has already been mentioned elsewhere (sorry if it has) but if anyone else likes old cartoons - Tesco have been selling some like Popeye, Felix and some others on DVD for just 97p each. I got a load of them a couple of days ago! :thumbsup:

- Gordon


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Thanks for the tip!!
Have just ordered 2 of the Walt Disney Treasures @£4.97, and to make up the order to get free delivery added 2 old 'Ealing Comedy' films, Kind Hearts and Coronets - £2.97 and Lavender Hill Mob for £3.97.
Fantastic deal for only £16.88.
Thanks again!!

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