Disney+ streaming box that supports Atmos/ Vision?


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Hi All,

I subscribed to Disney+ and had hoped the PS4 Pro would do HDR/ Vision/ Atmos but seems to do none of the above.

I am wondering which box does this the best?

I have been looking through the internet at different options and each one seems to have some faults,

I was thinking Chromecast Ultra but that seems to be somewhat problematic with DV,

So other options seem to be:

4k firestick (but doesn't do Now TV which I use)
4k fire cube (as above)
Apple 4k TV (had one of these for a while and didn't particularly like the experience/ Youtube always displays as DV)
Roku ? (not sure on this one)

Shield TV? (again don't know much about this).

Sadly my TV is a Panasonic therefore the apps on that are generally awful.

Any ideas?


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Apple TV 4K - if you set it to SDR and turn on both Match Frame-rate and Match Resolution based on source, then it will use HDR or DV if that is the source.

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Disney have restricted the quality at the moment, so before you buy anything make sure it isn't because of this that you aren't getting HDR, Dolby Atmos etc.


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If the film listing doesnt show DV/Atmos then that can be rectified - on the ATV 4K - by toggling the Atmos setting and killing the D+ app. But then its quite likely you still wont actually get Atmos as it looks like they've dropped to a lower bit-rate 5.1 stream for many people.


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It you want Atmos your only option is a US VPN I think. I've tried on native LG C7 OLED app and also ATV4K, works in both scenarios.
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