Disney opts to axe ABC1


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Gutted, i love watching Scrubs, Less than perfect and 8 Simple Rules on Freeview :(


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The reason ABC1 is being cancelled, is because they weren't allowed to broadcast after 6pm on Freeview, which resulted in a significant proportion of lost viewers, as a lot of their best shows only aired after 8pm, and due to some mature content, weren't able to be repeated in the daytime, without significant editing (e.g. Once And Again, Commander-In-Chief, Scrubs, Ghost Whisperer, et al). As such, the reduction in viewers was so significant, that the revenue outlay for acquiring the programming, and being able to run it only after 6pm to Sky and Cable viewers, didn't balance out, against the money received from advertisers.

Hence, the channel was not even breaking-even, let alone making any kind of profit. If ABC1 had been able to stay on Freeview, and transmit the same hours as on Sky and Cable, (6am-4am), then the channel would more than likely have survived. Sadly, though, this was not to be.

Oh well.... Let's hope the new Virgin1 channel starting in late-October on Sky and Cable, and possibly Freeview, will make-up for the loss of ABC1. (Or maybe that's another reason why ABC1 is going... to make room for Virgin1 instead? :eek: )


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That makes sense then if that's why it's being axed.

Isn't FTN the channel which is being replaced by Virgin1 on Freeview?


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Sky still has Paramount Comedy for Scrubs


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Shame, as although it wasn't fantastic, and was a rolling 3hr repeat show or whatever, at least it was non-stop comedy : which was the only one Freeview had....

I think they sould replace it with Paramount comedy and let it show 24hrs a day, but I bet they won't!


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It seems to have vanished for me today , gutted :(

I'll miss Megan Fox :hiya:


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strange digiguide list does not have programs from 6am to 6pm?

Radio Times lists 24hr of programs.


It's not 24/7 is it? If not, what times, does anyone know?

I do believe it starts at 18.00 hrs (although the first day seems to start at 21.00 hrs)


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It's a shame about ABC1 both that it's being axed and that they were forced into playing the daytime shows to death. When it was introduced, it did look promising.


I do believe it starts at 18.00 hrs (although the first day seems to start at 21.00 hrs)

It is 24 hours from the 2nd.

Tues 2nd Oct
0000 Dog the Bounty Hunter
0030 Dog the Bounty Hunter
0100 World Cup Poker
0200 Ultimate Poker Challenge
0350 Takeshi's Castle
0440 Bullseye
0505 Bullseye
0530 Gadgets and Stuff
0600 Knight Rider
0700 Takeshi's Castle
0730 Takeshi's Castle
0800 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
0830 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
0900 Classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire
1000 Nothing to Declare
1030 Beach Patrol
1100 Street Crime UK Uncut
1130 Street Crime UK Uncut
1200 Cops on Camera
1300 Take it or Leave it
1400 Classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire
1500 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1600 Knight Rider
1700 Fresh Prince of Bel Air
1730 Fresh Prince of Bel Air
1800 Take it or Leave it
1900 Cops on Camera
2000 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
2100 Film To be announced
2300 Sexcetera
0000 TBA


Looks nowhere as good as 8 Simple Rules, Scrubs and the one about the two ssiters and all the rest :p

The problem with ABC 1 was that they were still repeating seasons/episodes from years ago. I bet over half of the Home Improvement episodes was never shown as it was the same over and over. Even 8 simples only last 3 years.

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