Disney Junior HD - Volume Issue


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Disney Junior seems to have gone HD sometime in the last week. Which is good, if that's all your kids watch!!!

However, something's wrong with the volume level - it's so quiet that I have to crank my receiver up to -10dB just to be able to (quietly) hear the sound on programming, then the inter-programming announcements come on and blast everyone in the room with, well, what you'd expect if your receiver was set to -10dB. I can get around this by changing the receiver from Pro Logic II to one of the other settings, but then you have to change it back for other programmes in order to get the multi-channel output.

I think it's the DD Dialogue Normalisation that seems to be out - normally on Sky this flashes up as -4dB, whereas on DJHD it's -27dB. I'm presuming this is a channel-specific setting that is under the control of Disney and/or Sky?


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yeah I've noticed this too! very annoying (although the picture does look nice as its all my kids watch :)) Hope they sort a fix soon...


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I tried Live Chat with a Sky rep at lunch time, he's sent an issue report over to Disney, but it's their authoring process that seems to be at fault so who knows if there'll be a fix any time soon...I'm holding on to a thin glimmer of hope that if/when my box gets hit by the HDMI DD5.1 update this will magically disappear...


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I guess you dont have an amp with dialogue normalisation perhaps? Just checked and my pioneer 922 sets itself to -27 too but strangely the volume seems fine.

Yes I have the 922 too, when the amp was set to standard pro logic II it was too quiet, but with some of the advanced surround options it was ok... The issue was that it was different to the other channels though, so required different settings that my daughter's Sony children's remote couldn't cope with. All seems to be sorted now though, normalisation is -4 as per all the other Sky channels :)

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