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Hi all. I recently purchased the Hisense 50AE7000 that runs the Vidaa OS. Content on the Vidaa is rubbish so I purchased the FireStick 4K. All content is fine, 4K, HDR, with the exception of Disney+. The HD content is fine but the Dolby Vision UHD content is displayed on a pink screen with the image barely visible. On the TV, HDMI settings are Advanced (changing to Standard makes no difference). On the stick, display settings are set to Automatic and 'Match Content'. Changes these made no difference. Strangely when I run content from the other apps, a message stating, 'Adjusting to Content' is displayed but not when D+ dolby vision content starts. Seems like the TV or stick has an issue running Dolby Vision and cannot adjust accordingly?? It’s worth adding I connected the Apple TV to the same HDMI port from another room and it ran all content (Dolby vision included) without any issues. I guess that test eliminates the TV. Checking the HDMI details against each device when running D+ Dolby vision content, Apple TV says 10 bit, 3840*2160, HDR10, YUV420, MPEG. Running off the firestick, it reads 8 bit, 3840*2160, RGB, DTS Express. No idea why it is different between the firestick and Apple TV.
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