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Disnea Fit


Distinguished Member
OK, getting in early...

Flora and Fauna from the classic Disney Sleeping Beauty.

Took a couple of screen grabs from the Blu-ray, printed one out and used it as the backdrop you can see. Inverted screen grab, printed it out and used it as the underlay the figurines rest on. (The screen grab is when Briar Rose is wandering through the woods)

Placed the earlier purchased Flora and Fauna figurines, associated Disney animals and floral basket on the 'underlay'. Took a few snaps. Into Lightroom, clarity boost, dreamy outer vignette added, slight sharpness boost. Into Photoshop, added border, cloned out join between background and 'underlay'.

Kit: Canon 7D, f20, 3.2secs, ISO 400, 75mm focal length. Exif intact.
PP: Cropped, clarity boost, slight sharpness, vignette and border added.

Click to enlarge.

Do your worst, all comments appreciated.



Made me laugh Keith - don't know if that was part of your intention though :D

What a lot of work you've put into this - and who even rememebers the names of the two Fairy Godmothers :eek:

The shot's turned out very well - not my cup of tea but I do admire your creativity and ingenuity with a very original interpretation of the theme :smashin:



Established Member
Are you sure that's not Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice from last Friday's wedding? :D

Like the idea, following on from last month's comp entry.


Established Member
I looked at the image prior to the text, And didn't get it,
The image I have to say is not my cup of tea either.
But Top marks for creativity, And A great twist on the theme.


Established Member
It's not for me Keith I'm afraid but I admire you skill and effort in making the image.


Prominent Member
Lol, certainly outside the box thinking, for Flora and Fauna, haha. Lots of effort and I like the figurines :)


Prominent Member
I really like the sideways look of using the characters (and the title), but for me, as an image, there is interest at both sides, but a big space in the middle. The lighting is also a little flat.

Having said that, the whole thing looks like a cell from an animation, which might have been your intention (reflected in the vignette maybe).

Perhaps grouping everything a little tighter and having something eye-catching in either the lighting or focus to make it sparkle.


Distinguished Member
Worried about the lighting myself in all honesty, still playing around with flash gun and settings though, not to mention using it for macro shots (which admitedly this wasn't).

As and when I get a handle on it though I will be bringing it to the fore more.

Thanks for the comments.


Deleted member 27989

Love the interpretation and the creation lighting almost make it look like a movie frame rip. Very good. Shame about the border find that quite irritating (yes I know I have issues :))

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