Disk Thingies For Going Under Spikes?


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I've seen several posts that suggest putting small coins under speaker and stand spikes to avoid damaging wooden or laminate flooring.

In my travels I'm sure I can recall purpose brass disks with a little indent in the centre - okay, no more effective than the coins but more 'gucci'.

However, I've not been able to track them down since. Did I imagine these or do they really exist? If they do exist, what are they called as 'Disk Thingies That Go Under Spikes to Prevent Damage to Wooden Floors' is a bit of a mouthful.




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I got some last week from my local Audio-T - £8.99 for 4. They look just like the ebay ones in broona's post.



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And I got the hifibitz ones 2 weeks ago - they look better and are more user friendly than using a few coins.

You get 8 in the pack of IXOS ones -so they're cheaper than the ebay ones ; can't see they'd do a worse job.


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Can someone enlighten me as to how these things actually do any good?

Surely instead of putting spikes in brass (or plastic) cups which then sit on rubber pads...it would be easier and more solid to take the spikes out of your speakers and glue rubber feet on?
Or am I missing something (I usually am....) ?

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