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Anyone got any ideas, know of any products to clean/ de-scratch CD's and DVD's?

Paul Young

Try the BIB CD Restorer polish and a BIB CD/DVd disc cleaner from Hmv or Maplins. If you want them cheaper go for the cd only disc cleaner it is basically the same as the dvd disc but you pay more for a dvd one with the on screen graphics sound test on it.

Rambo John J

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Skip Doctor is the dogs danglies. You can find it in places like PC World or Dixons. It's not cheap (usually around £30) but it'll repair any damage to your discs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone - I was a bit hesitant due to the price, but after experiencing the results on some seriously scratched discs I'm very impressed.


i just use a box of wipes from maplins...1.99 i think.....it's ok..i'm also looking for something better.

* One thing i found was if you get a disc back from someone..(although this is not a frequent thing) and it has finger prints on it...you probably end up adding more scratchs than before when cleaning it !!!

hate when ppl come round your house and see a disc they like and then ask to borrow it...sometimes you can't say no....well now i just try to hide them!! and only lend to like minded ppl!!


out of interest, how do these work? Do they fill the scratch? Do they dissolve away some of the disc so the scratch is less of a feature........????


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