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Hi All,
I currently have a Samsung 46" 4 year old LED television which still produces a very good picture.
The only reason I am considering a new purchase is to buy 4K TV.
I have been researching various websites for reviews and after compiling a list of the best scores I have looked at the various threads on here for those models.
It has shocked me to read the experiences of people on here with the quality of the Tv's with faults and issues including televisions costing £2k plus.
I am an amateur regarding issues/faults but after looking on here I started taking a more critical look at my own TV.Probably like 99.99% of the population I had accepted the picture quality and not noticed any faults.
However in saying that mine only has very slight light bleed(edge lit) and very little clouding.
I cannot believe after 4 years or more manufacturers cannot appear to produce better televisions than mine as regards faults and issues.It seems to me the general public are being ripped of with shoddy and probably non existent quality control as the manufacturers know that 99.99% of the population either do not spot or care about the faults.
I now in a quandary as unlike many on here I cannot be bothered in sending TV's back and forth as I will now be more critical after reading the comments on these threads and I am too tight to pay £300 or so for a professional calibration, even after which the bleed/clouding/banding issues could still persist.
Apologies for the long winded rant,but I am now unsure whether to keep my existing TV or take a chance on 4k model.



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Two things: (a) what size 4K TV you thinking of getting (b) what content you gonna watch on this 4K TV?


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Two things: (a) what size 4K TV you thinking of getting (b) what content you gonna watch on this 4K TV?
Probably looking for a 55" model.
Mainly watch movies and sport (on Sky), although I realise Sky do not broadcast in 4k and could be a long long while off.
So would look at Netflix and Amazon for 4k stuff(again not much about by the looks of it at the moment) but would also hope that it offers a better picture when upscaling HD.
Just concerns me with all the issues with banding/backlighting/clouding issues whether to upgrade or not as I cannot be bothered returning TV's like many on this forum have the patience to do.


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Which is why I am keeping my 3 year old 60" LG Plasma tv, which produces a lovely picture and colour. Priced at £899 with a 5 year warranty.

I might jump in when you can buy a 4K Bluray player with a large choice of films to rent or buy, and watch all this on a reasonably priced 55"/65" 4K TV with Dolby Vision.
AND not have to worry about colour bleed, light bleed etc etc.


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You have to remember this is an forum for enthusiasts....the TV geeks go out of their way to look for faults. It's nowt more then a game to some. Buy TV, use for a week and then send it back. Most of it is because they have more money then sense, but we won't repeat that ;)

All edge lit TVs have some light bleed, some are just worse then others. Light bleed is just a limitation of the technology. Some of it is down to poor QA though.

Fact of the matter is, no TV is perfect.

Choose what you want from the TV and do your research from there.


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Agreed, if you look for faults you will find them and NEVER buy!


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Well been down to Currys this morning(I realise not ideal for viewing) and to be honest I could hardly tell,if anything at all,in picture quality between a £800 4k and £1500 4k tv, so maybe I am not enough of an enthusiast or with my eyesight it would not make any difference.
So maybe best to go for an £800 tv and see how that goes.


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We have a 46 inch Samsung downstairs (C750) and the quality is fantastic. We got a 50 inch Hisense which has since been sent back the picture in HD was nowhere near as good as the Samsung.

4K content which the Samsung can't do obviously was amazing but there isn't much of it. I am now wondering how much I have to spend on a 4K TV to get a HD picture close to the quality of the Samsung and after much research have come up with literally nothing.

Like you said, every review lists a ton of things 'wrong' which isn't what I want to read when I'm spending up to 1K on a television.


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Hisense......new kids on the block. Never heard of them before.

Aha...I often wondered what happened to Hitachi


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They're massive in China by all accounts.


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Hi Steven,

I'm in a similar position - 46" Sammy nearly 5 years old but still delivers a nice PQ and was one of first with micro thin bezel so still looks great in living room. Ideally would like 55" with 4K.

After several months research I've come to realise that its not worth upgrading to 4K just yet unless you are needing to upgrade anyway. I've been tempted by the LG OLEDs but the cost is quite prohibitive at over £2K for the 4K model, I did see a demo of the 4K set in JL and was not blown away tbh. I will wait for those to mature before making next move.

I've scratched my new TV itch by getting a new 40" Sammy for the spare (boys!) room :) for gaming etc. having just got a PS4. I've gone for H6400 which I've just picked up for £350. :smashin:


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Hi Foxy,
Yes I am basically happy with my 46" Sammy and it still produces a really good picture.
Its all the son-in- laws fault,he and my daughter have an 8/9 year old Sony,which to be fair produces another excellent picture even now.
He wanted to upgrade and got me to help in searching and this started me off looking for myself.Ironically he has now decided not to upgrade and wait whilst their Sony packs it in.
It is so annoying when it appears the older sets appear to be better quality control wise with fewer faults than the newer sets.
I must have read every professional review on the Tv's in my budget and every one on this forum.
Just when I think I have found the right one,I hit several posts about how bad a particular tv is.I would hate to buy a 4k tv and find it has more faults than my Sammy,which is hardly any.
So whether to stick or twist, its driving me nuts.
Think I will leave it for now, unless a super deal crops up on the 2015 models, after the 2016 ones are out in quantity.


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i would wait for year or so because there are so many altering standards ie hdr dolby vision also hdmi

Yeah I would agree with your comment. Hope its not a year though. I visited the daughter last week and the 50" Pioneer Kuro (hail the king) still looks very good in her room.

The upside to all this waiting and the money I have saved has now gone on some new ProAc speakers, Naim amp and power supply, so its not all bad .

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