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My Bosch diswasher (sorry, don't know model off the top of my head but it has an LED display and buttons not a dial, if that helps) is playing up.

Nine times out of ten if fails to complete a cycle and shuts itself down with the display turning off and being unresponsive. When it works again, it will normally continue from where it left off, though sometimes it thinks it has one minute to go despite the bottom being full of suds and clearly not being that close to finishing.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing it to do this? Suds aside there's no water pooling or anything like that, and a search online suggests it could be a thousand-and-one things, so asking here in the hope someone's had the same. From what I've read it could be the catch on the door, but I can't see anything wrong with that and it seems to be behaving normally.

If it's something requiring parts or repairs or anything vaguely costly I'll just replace – the previous owners of our house left it for free and it could be eight years old or so, so doesn't owe us anything.

But if it's something needing cleaning out and/or a cheap, easy fix then I'll gladly do that.


The door should give an error code normally. A power failure might not give a code and often picks up where it thinks it left off. Maybe power supply (internal) related but to check move ithe machine out so you can plug it in to another socket (with extension if required) and run it like that a few times. If no fault then the socket might need a qualified look. If same fault it may be the internal power connection/board.

If the latter I think I would get a new one - as you say it owes you nothing.

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I love how people who know nothing comment on things they know nothing about. If it was a "door error" how is that different to you opening the door yourself? Does that give an error also? No it doesn't. As you say it could be a number of things and needs someone who knows what they are doing to look at it, if you don't want to spend on it buy a new one.


It is also interesting when people assume others know nothing about the subject in hand :)

This forum isn't about getting a technician to diagnose individual faults from afar and nothing else. It is also about a community knowledge and how the OP may look at that and decide if it fits into their problem. If it doesn't so be it. There is little use in a community forum like this to not provide personal experience and knowledge and frame it in a general way.

For the record I have fixed and/or noted many appliance faults - codes or otherwise - and have also resorted to paying a technician to sort them out. As have a huge number in here I suspect. I am a mechanical/electrical engineer although in heavier equipment than a dishwasher but in any case I couldn't care less if individuals doubt I know what I am talking about. I am not offering to fix the machine for a fee.

My dishwasher does give a door open alarm and after that you need to press things to get it to take up where it left off. Most after a power failure either restart where they left off or need an intervention to do that. Some present the symptoms noted by the OP.

The door lock could be faulty giving false signals or the board that receives the signals could be faulty. It could be something else 'in the main board, they don't make that part anymore, I could get one for £250 plus fitting if you really want', or simply 'not sure - best ditch it as the cost of finding out will exceed the value of the machine'.

Who knows - as you point out not me exactly, but then I doubt anybodyy does for sure without going around and having a look.

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