Disecq reeceivers and non disecq dishes

Tony B

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I have a 1m motorised dish which I used with my (now defunct) Pace MSS-508IP.

I am looking to get one of the new MPEG4 HD receivers (currently only have a choice between Philips and Pace) but these have either Disecq 1.2 or 1.4 interfaces for steerable dishes.

3 questions:

1. Is there any converter box around that would handle the disecq to 18 (or is it 36) volt reed switch (I think) device which controls the dish motor?
2. If so can it/they handle disecq 1.2 or 1.4 equally well?
3. Any views on the Pace v Philips comparison? Given that my MSS508IP packed up twice in the 8 years so that I used it, I am a little reluctant to rely on Pace again. In Philips favour, I have a Philips TV which uses virtually the same remote, which would be preferable.


Tony B

Tony B

Active Member
That looks useful - many thanks!

What about Diseqc (Disecq?) 1.4 versus 1.2?



Tony B

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