Discuss two possible choices?


Hiya, possibly wrong formum but i'll give it a go here.

I'm thinking along the lines of a choice of two systems... comments on the two in relation to each other would be appreciated.

System 1

Musical Fidelity A308
Rotel RSP 1068
Rotel RMB 1075

RRP About £4000

System 2

Arcam AV8
Arcam p7

RRP About £5500

So, system two is something like 37 or so % more. £1500 could buy a serious CD Player to go with the MF A308.

Yes System 1 is going to be weaker for movies. But how much weaker, I had a 1066 that was bloody impressive IMHO (with a 1075 and a 985MKII). Could even consider a 1095 power amp, and would still be a reasonable amount less.

So comments / opinions of merits / pitfalls of these systems would be appreciated.



No I don't know what speakers but i'm a sad B&W fan so considering along those lines, S/H 9NTs, or 804 or new 805, or 704 for fronts cheers.


my experience is that however good your best component is will become your benchmark...... so basically I seem to keep spending just to get my system to a balance which isnt good. So two ways to look at it, one just buy a balanced system like your first option which will be great if you like to forget about it all or alternatively the 2nd option which would be my choice and gives a nice clear upgrade path (i.e. dvd player).


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