Discrete Speakers to match AVC-A1XV


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I am thinking of upgrading to the big Denon but I don't think my Kef Eggs would enjoy the experience much. My system is in my lounge and I am looking for something that won't dominate the room. This means either something "stealthy" like in wall/ceiling speakers or at least something aesthetically pleasing. I have a PV1 sub too which I will be retaining.

What would you recommend?


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Monitor Audio in wall Gold CP.

Heard the Denon with 7 of them and it was very good.

Basically GR10's without the cabinets


Expect the GS versions are due out soon so you may get a bargain, try 7oaks.

PS> IMHO so no offence and I know the A1XV has quite a following but I think the £4k is better spent on a used processor/power amp.



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If you're gonna spend £4k on a THX Ultra 2 amp then you should do some serious auditioning in my opinion. Snell do some very nice in wall speakers if you've got the money and can find a dealer who sells them. It's worth looking across the pond for a lot of that kind of thing actually.

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