discrete or possubly wireless speakers to go with kef eggs


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I have recently purchased a set of kef eggs with sub and have just moved house. The problem is the surrounds are proving difficult to locate due to layout and the wife factor. I am therefore wondering if there is a solution to use smaller or wireless speakers fir the rears with minimal detrement to sound quality.

I dint use them loads but I do like the effect when I have it fired up but if I can't get a good solution then it's pointless anyway.

Any help would be appreciated in terms of options and choices.



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The eggs are hardly big so how much smaller do they need to be?
Wireless tend to not be very wireless since most have a central receiver/amp so still need to run cables from this to the speakers and they tend to reduce sound quality as well so would not be recommended.


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I had some jamo a102 before this and they were reasonable in size for the other half. I could try and hide them a bit but the kef eggs seem to stick out a long way with their brackets if on the wall and also you can clearly see the terminals and 1 speaker would be just as you enter the lounge so wouldn't look great stuck there.


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I've not seen those yet but doubt I could get away with purchasing some more new speakers, I e only had these a couple of months. The problem with the kef eggs is more the brackets or lack of alternative brackets.

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