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Hey guys

So I'm looking to put together a home theatre and am in a pretty odd position where space is limited but budget isn't too much of an issue. It is a shared lounge though so also needs to be about as compact and discrete as possible. Trouble is, I've been away from digital projection so long I am totally out of the loop. The last impressive projector I was looking at was the JVC AE-4000 but more interested in the DLA models now, none of them however being 4K as far as I can see. It will pretty much be exclusively for movies which will play from a PC and I hope to be able to run some sort of automation from this.

I would like a motorised screen with the ability to stop at 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1 positions remotely, so the projector would need to be able to accommodate that. A static screen with masking automation would be ideal but again, it needs to be hidden most of the time. I've no idea what to look for here, or rather where to look.

I've also been quite keen on the anamorphic lens solutions around and they would be ideal along with optical zoom for 16:9 and 4:3 (well, academy) content. I suppose it would depend on the projector I go with, unless they are unit specific?

I've been looking at the Wharfdale DX1 speakers as I have these in my game room and love them, but I wonder if there is a similar sized system I can get that is superior these days?

Does anyone have any suggestions based on my specs there? This is only something I've really thought about the last few days as I have been running 16 and 35mm film for a bit now and though I love how film looks and sounds vs most digital sources (for movies anyway), but it's just too bulky and difficult to set up every time I want to watch something with family and friends. Most of them would probably be far more impressed with 4k projection anyway and I'd certainly appreciate the simplicity.

I know it's a lot of questions but I hope someone can help so I don't go and spend a lot of money on something totally inadequate for my needs.


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Think you need to give a budget as one man's idea of "budget isn't really an issue" is completely different from member to member.


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Well, I'm thinking somewhere in the region of 10k as the ceiling but again, for this size room I don't think I would need to go much higher, especially since I can't go all out with a static screen or hefty speakers (at least none that will be too obvious). To be honest, if I really needed to then I will be selling my film prints and equipment which should bump the budget up by the same again at least.

Room dimensions by the way are about 16x14ft thought if absolutely needed the projector can be situated outside the door giving another 5ft or so.


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That is a good sized budget and could certainly get you some nice equipment. The Wharfedale speakers are very much budget speakers so certainly can be improved upon significantly. Depending on what you are doing with the room in wall speakers could be an option and would give a very clean look. Otherwise something like the Monitor Audio Radius, Apex or Shadow ranges would be a good place to start as would the Anthony Galleo range.

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Lots of questions come out of your requirements. Are you looking for Atmos. The wharfedale speakers are probably low spec for your overall system matching. Have a look at Monitor Audio Apex for a big improvement over the DX1's whilst still maintaining the less imposing look.

Personally with a £10k budget I would use about half for the projector and screen and the other half would be 1/3 AV Receiver And 2/3 on speakers. You can tweak this split depending on how many speakers you are going for

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Who is doing the Design, Install, Finishings, Seating and Configurations and what does the £10k budget need to cover?



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I'm doing everything but again, the lounge is to look as unaltered as possible. Pretty sure I'm not going to be able to start cutting holes in walls for stuff.

The budget just needs to cover:


The PC I already have and is more than adequate.

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Tricky creating a 'discrete' install without first off creating a few holes/cable ways before then making good.

I'd agree with PSM1 that unless the speakers you indicate are a very short term 'fix' the budget/system plan sounds too heavily biased towards the video playback.

A false wall with an acoustically transparent screen means the hidden speakers can be simple black box's.

Unless you slap a big sticker on the screen I doubt anyone would know you were watching a 1080p vs. a 2160p image.

Some images of the Lounge 'as is' would be helpful.


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