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Discrete input codes for Panny Viera LCD


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Logitech Harmony H885

I've noticed in device mode for the TX-32LXD52 that there are loads more commands available than for the TX-32LXD50. These TV's are supplied with the same original remote.

Does this mean that the discrete commands listed in device mode are valid or has someone copied commands from a non-related Panasonic TV in the hope they might work?

Selecting inputs is a complete pain (requiring a press of TV/AV and then pressing one/two coloured buttons on 2 screens to get to the desired input; worse still, the TV remembers the last input used after a power off/on cycle)..... I've been searching high and low for discrete codes.

Anyone know if the discrete input codes listed in device mode for the TX-32LXD52 are proven to work?

I'm about to purchase the H885, but am still sitting on the fence until I'm sure I can always get to the correct input.



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