Disconnecting Speakers With AV Receiver On


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I was watching a BD and wanted to check a speaker connection.

I paused the film, but left the AV receiver on. I then disconnected and reconnected the positive and negative speaker cables one at a time on one of the speakers.

Is it OK to do this with the receiver still on?

I can’t think of it doing any harm, as I am assuming the following:

When paused, no audio signal is being sent therefore no current is flowing through the speaker cables.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the positive and negative cables one at a time would prevent any accidental shorts any way as the ends could never touch.

Is this a fair assumption?

Or is there something I’ve overlooked as to why the above might be bad practise?



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You should power off any electrical device before connecting / disconnecting,

it might not do any damage if you dont.

Every manual will tell you the power should be off.

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