discolouration on sony

kirk grubb

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I have a sony 32ds60 digital widescreen tv.
I've had this set for nearly 4 years.
About 9 months ago i noticed colour bleed (greeny yellow at the bottom left hand corner about 2"sq) It wasn't too bad then but now it is really noticable,especially on white backgrounds.
I presume this has happened because of a hifi speaker(pretty sure its not magnetically shielded) positioned not too far from left hand side of tv?
Anyhow,i have a warantee of 5 years for the tv.
Would i be able to get this problem sorted through the guarantee?
Or would Miller Brothers(where it was bought) say the problem is not severe enough to have an engineer call out to me?

Anybody else had a similar problem and rectified through warantee i would be most grateful to hear your thoughts.



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This is a source of annoyance for you and as such is detrimental to your enjoyment of the set.As it is under warranty give the company a call in the morning and ask what they can suggest to find a solution. It could be something major or it may not be. Find out now while you have a warranty.


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I had exactly the same problem with my old 29" Sony but in all of the corners.

Simple to rectify..move the speakers away from the TV.

As soon as you do then the greeny yellow tinge should go away.

If you need your speakers close to your tv then I would suggest getting a new set that are shielded.

If the problem persists with the speakers away from the TV then you need to look into the warranty.


kirk grubb

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Finally decided to get tv checked out (been 7months since original post :D )

The smearing is slightly worse since last post.

Miller bros engineer came out today and tried a few things to rectify problem-
Adjusted the coil & used a demagnetizer.

Neither worked so he booked the tv to be taken away to the service dept.

Im now wondering what my options would be if this problem cant be rectified.

Since im pretty sure miller bros wouldn't have a replacement for my 32ds60,
would i be able to swap it for a newer similar priced tv?

Or even better still, pay the difference of my tv (£1600 when bought) for a plasma?

Anyway! I'm sure this is just wishfull thinking - but if you dont reach for the stars!!!

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