Disc Laser Cleaners / DV27 Fault?


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Hi all,

Seems to be mixed views on disk laser cleaners, I'm looking to buy one in the hope it sorts out a problem with my recently purchased DV27, bought on the Forums.

see here:http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=594179

I'm using it for CD replay only at the moment with an A22, but would like to get to the bottom of the video fault, which appears like dead pixels.........seller attached photos to the thread.

Any opinions on cleaners...frequent use, ocassional, waste of time?

Anybody seen this fault before on a DV27?

Thanks, Tam


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Mine may have developed a problem, as for some reason, it will play any of my back ups on dvdr's, but will not play any retail R2 dvd's, strange ! I've checked region settings a dozen times, and its defo set to region 2, any help guys? Keeps saying no disc. Could it be a dirty lens (i cant see it being a dirty lens) or is the software or what ever screwed up ?


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After a call to Arcam today, thought my DV27 was gonna have to go to the back to the factory for diagnosis as the guy in the tech dept thought the tracking of the lens may be a whisker out, but just before we ended the call he suggested cleaning the lens (should be done once a year he said - i hadnt done mine, Ever !) just to make sure, although as it was still playing dvdr's he wasnt expecting that to solve it.

So, i bought a lens cleaner from Asda, (Phillips Dvd cleaning disc) ran it through 4 times (just to make sure the lens was well cleaned) and hey presto - problem solved. No faults, just needed some TLC.

Hope this helps someone !

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