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The last two times I have tried to record a movie,my Arita Discs have failed to do the job.They both stopped recording at around the one hour mark with the awful "Error on Disc" message.
I used to think that if the disc got past those first few minutes of recording then it would be ok.Now Im slightly worried as both of these pretty much packed up at the same time....Just a bad batch of Discs or could it be a fault on the player? And is it now safe to assume that a Disc can stop recording at any time??
Thanks for the help guys
What type of recorder are you using? On what quality settings?
2 weeks ago the Arita discs I bought wouldn't work on my Toshiba DR1 so I sent them back. I tried 3 discs and they all failed at exactly the same position. Looks like they're no good for me.

I use Datawrite Yellow 4X - no coasters yet. Panny RAM discs and Datawrite -RW.
Having had the same problem with Ritek disks on my Tosh DR1 I now only use Verbatim - not a single coaster from the 15 or so I've used so far. Not the cheapest disks but if you're using your DVDR as a timer/recorder and want to gaurantee that the recording won't fail then a good option - supposed to be the most reliable and compatible media available.

On the other hand if you're transferring from a hard drive recording then it makes sense to sample the cheaper disks until you find one that works well with your recorder.
Thanks guys for the replies.I have a Panasonic E60 Recorder and up until the weekend the Arita Discs had worked fine.Depending on what Im taping I either use the 2 hour setting or the 4 hour setting.
Today I bought some Ritek Discs to see how these do.Ive taped one fifty minute TV show and that taped perfect...which was a relief! If I dont have much luck with these I will try Verbatim.....I was just worried there might of been a fault with the machine.
Arent they frustrating when they go wrong!! :suicide:
With my E50 the best disks i've found, like jasonmymail said, are the Verbatims, so far i've had no problems of any kind with them (used about 30 discs).

I have also used Datasafe 1x/2x and the Grade A Ritek 2x overprints (about 70 discs total of the two types) and have had only two that stopped at 35mins and 45 mins.
The biggest problem i've had with the cheaper discs is when some of them don't start recording at about 35secs and put the machine into recovery mode, it's very frustrating, but all of the discs that have done this, have later been re-used successfully. I find that this problem only seems to occur just after my machine is swithced on, it never seems to happen if say i have already just recorded something and i'm recording another programme straight after the first one, just wondering if maybe it's a temperature thing that is causing some of the problems with the cheaper discs? As i say once my machine has been up and running/recording for a while, i have had no problems with any of the cheaper discs, only when the E50 has been recently turned on.

Still have quite a few of the cheaper discs to use yet, but once they are finished, it will be only Verbatims thereafter, the cheaper ones are not worth the frustration. :)

Thats an excellent post Hammy.
I must admit I have exactly the same type of problems with my machine as you seem to have with yours.If the machine has been recording all day then you can rest assured everything will work out perfect.But like you say Hammy,if I just switch the machine on and get a problem you just know every Disc you try after that is going to have a problem!!
Im relieved you posted as I was beginning to think it was just my machine lol I now feel a little happier

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