Disc error has occured problem


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I get every couple of months on my PC on boot up a disc error has occurred press contrl alt and delete to restart.

When this happens I have discovered that if i move the Sata HD cable to another port on the motherboard it goes. A month or 2 later i happens again. I repeat the above.

I am now on my last motherboard port, the others still do not work. Any ideas whats going on?

Seems as if the PC is rejecting the HD but remembers the ports its rejected it on.

Thanks in advance


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That's a new one.

Have you tried replacing the SATA cable? If you haven't got a spare one, swap it with the one that the DVD drive uses.

If the hard drive will still not work on any of those dodgy ports after you swapped the SATA cable, try another hard drive or your DVD drive instead?
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