Disaster!! holiday sunday and Canon dv just broke!


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Well my 2nd canon dv camera has just bitten the dust in 4 years:(
I have £300 possibly £350 and i am at a loss: dv or dvd?
which one etc.
And it will have to be from the high street:(
Any thoughts please on any of the cheaper models available from Jessops and Currys?
What a pain.
Thanks in advance


DV especially if you want to edit your footage on a PC. It also lasts longer than the miniDVD's. Make it a Panasonic this time. Both I and one other family member have 7 year old Panasonic DV's and another member has a 5 year old Panasonic DV - all still problem free.
Also buy from John Lewis they are as cheap but usually give a longer warranty.


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print out a quote from the internet and take it in to Jessops. They will usually match the price.

all the best



What has happened to your Canon cam? Is it the BSOD (black screen of death)? If it is then have a read through this very long thread (the last few pages should give you all the info you need) as you may be able to get a free repair done - but only if it is the BSOD!



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Thanks for the replies.
Decided to forgo a purchase for the holiday but beginning to look now.Very tempted by the dvd cameras from Sony and Panny for around £300.Dont have the time with 2 kids and a non 9-5 job to edit vdieos.Shame.
So,any specific recommendations ,or,alternativly,any models i should steer clear of?

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