disappointed with LG RH277H DVD Recorder features


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I thought I'd found the near-perfect DVD recorder with 160HD for me. Upscaling (although only to 1080i), USB port, divx support built in harddrive etc.

Now i've owned the machine for a week or two i've discovered its not so great. Don't get me wrong the LG is a nice bit of kit, harddrive recording is such a massive improvement over direct to DVD recording and its full of cool software features, but two of its key selling points appear to be somewhat lacking.

Upscaling - this appears to be non-functional on DVD playback as it only allows you to switch between 576i or 576p, in HDD mode it will do 720p and 1080i, but thats not exactly what i expected from an upscaling DVD player!

USB port - great I figured I could use this to dump data to or from the HD, so in the future should the DVD drive die I wouldn't be left with a brick, but no, according to the instruction book its one way, moving data from external drives onto the internal HD and not vice versa!

I'm pretty annoyed about this as the bullet point features suggested otherwise, heck I even expected to be able to plug in my USB keyboard in order to have easy method of typing in text for naming clips etc, but alas that didn't work either.

I'm I asking too much of a dvd recorder? Do other recorders that offer upscaling and USB ports provide the features I expected to get on the LG? If so is there a recommendation for any brand/model in particular?

I might ring LG and double check about the upscaling issue as it seams pretty nonsensical that it only offers interlaced or progressive and not upscaling. Perhaps it ignores the resolution setting when outputted through the HDMI connection or something?


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