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Have to say, not been on here for a while, but decided to have a look around. I cant believe that AV Forums is allowing profiteering on PS5 and X BOX. I would have thought they would actively discourage this, surely you can't be that desperate for traffic.

I had to laugh at one post stating they weren't going to pay greedy prices then put their very own PS5 for nearly £200 more than RRP!

I'm not frothing at the mouth, just sad to see a once respected forum has reduced its self to allowing scalpers, never thought I'd see the day.

Oh and just to say its not becasue I'm sore about not getting one as I have a PS5, I just feel sorry for the people that haven't been able to get one.


This has been done to death many times over. Please use the search function to find the balanced reasoning why.

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