Disadvantages of having HTPC under stairs?


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Ok, I'm ready and itching to get a HTPC.

Primary objective: Stream music around house, to Slimp3 type device
Secondary objective: Play DVDs to Plasma (not yet bought).

I've seen a HTPC from EPC - look great in the AV rack, but for me, they are still too noisy. I've also seen loads of info on here about building a quiet pc.

A: Silent pc, in a nice case - I think this is fairly difficult & expensive
B: Standard PC under the stairs.

It can run 7m DVI or VGA cable to plasma, possibly cable from Sky+ to PC, have radio or bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and possibly remote.

I would obviously have to leave the room to put in a DVD, but I don't mind that.

Are there any other disadvantages to keeping my HTPC in a seperate room? Is this a bad idea :)

Many thanks

daren jackson

Not a bad idea but ...

1/ You need a way of controlling the PC
2/ You will need a way of keeping the cupboard cool (can become the hottest room in the house!)
3/ Dont forget the noise (even with the door closed)

I have gone down this path (and had the 3 mentioned problems)

1 was solved by using an IR keyboard (with built in mouse) extended using cat5 and using a Xantech IR system. For downstairs I use the Gyration mouse/keyboard which has excellant range. Both connected to Plasmas

2/ Not so much a problem in the winter (I had a grill put in the floor to draw cold air from under the house and a grill/duct in the back wall leading to outside). In the summer I suplement this with a portable aircon unit.

3/ No alot you can do about the noise. I have over 6kw of amps humming away (not to mention all the other AV equipment and a large cat5 switch plus two PC's).

hope the above helps


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Hi Daren, thanks for the reply.

1 - Not sure what keyboard/mouse/remote to use yet, but I'm sure this won't be a problem. I can have a receiver wired to the PC.
Any suggestions on best radio wave keyboard/mouse?

2 - Good point - aready have a hole in the floor under the stairs - grill sounds like a good idea (as opposed to putting floorboards back). I hope I don't need aircon - it will only be the PC and router/cat5 switch under the stairs - plan to have amp in L. room.

3 - Mme, didn't think about that, but you're probably right. Maybe I need to choose quietish components anyway.

Was there anything about it being in a seperate location that you found a pain?

Steve Bate

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All my AV gear including HTPC and AVServer are in another room, gyration mouse/keyboard, Pronto and Xantech dinkylink sort out the control of the gear. No problems at all I dont even have to leave the room to put in DVD's, I just ripped onto my AVServer.

Only things in the room are a projector, screen and the speakers.

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