Dirty theiving scum


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Was out with the kids today up on the hills with our puppy - taking a few snaps as you do when you get the chance..

Came back to the car and popped the dog in the boot (it's an estate - so don't panic) and took the kids to the loo and got them a drink each from the little van there that sells bit's and bob's.

Came back to find the drivers side back window smashed with a brick and my camera bag gone.. And in a quite busy carpark noone saw a thing - We'd only been gone 5-10 minutes and I know it was hidden under a pile of coats int footwell because I'm paranoid about hiding the bag.

Anyway - rant over.

I'm 99% sure I'm insured for my camera (An old canon 10D) and the kit lens, a sigma 50mm macro and a nasty canon 100-300 zoom - oh and the backpack.

I'm not sure which might be the best replacement though. I am sure that it will be new for old, although another 10D would be fine by me.. BUT if I am given the choice which would be the sensible choice for a total beginner like me? 30D or 400D - Pros and cons please?


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Sorry to hear that mate, I know I'd be gutted if it happened to me. I also don't put the camera bag in the boot as I don't like the thought of it bouncing around in there, but maybe I ought to consider setting up an old quilt or something in the boot to keep the bag cushioned and stable.
Fingers crossed that you are covered on your insurance.


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A lot of people will most likely say the 30D since it has full frame sensor or something when you are taking pictures and judging by what got stolen you will probably have enough money,


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sorry to hear that Tony.

I had to drive home from Manchester to Essex after having the drivers side glass smashed.
That is a jouney i can tell you

I thought I had hidden my sat nav in the door pocket but somebody must have spotted my taking it out and just waited for a while.

The 30D is a much nicer built camera and with spot metering and a machine gun frame rate it is a good all round body.

It does NOT have a full frame sensor however. It is still 1.6x just like the 350D & 400D

If you put the battery grip on the 30D it feels like a 1D.


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Someone obviously saw you put it in there - scum isn't the word.

30D all the way. But, rumours of a 40D at PMA in Feb would make me wait.


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I'm 99% sure someone saw it get put there, and then covered by the kids coats and stuff.

I went for a 2nd hand 10D because it 'felt' a lot better put together than a new 350D, so I suspect I'll need to go and hold them both.. But then again rumours of a 40D soon, might be in my favour as maybe a 30D plus lens could be chepaer by the time they have sorted my claim!

But yes, our puppy was safe which to be honest was a lot more important to the kids.. so all is not lost!

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