Dirty sixaxis - try this out


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Last night i spilt a beer over one of my pads and the controls startin freakin out so i decided to investigate. Just a word of warning to anyone wanting to do this.... don't! it took me the best part of an hour tryin to get all the pieces back into place and the back clipped on. not advised - if you spill beer on it hang it out to dry

Anyway after i finally got it back together i had some toothpicks next to me on the table so i took one and scraped it in between the front and the back join of the pad ( the bit where the click together --_--). I found an astonishing amount of what looked like a combination of dead skin, sweat and general muckery.

Try it out see how much shaT you find in yr pads. (i do play it quite a lot don't know bout you guys lol):cool:


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I quite like puzzles and enjoy tinkering inside the sixaxis pads :)

When I gunked mine up with coke I took it apart and gave the plastic bits a bath, its all better now!


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I took one of my PS2 dual shocks apart once to try and fix the sticky L2/R2 buttons...biggest mistake ever!! the L2 and R2 buttons just wouldnt go back in properly and I ended up chucking it and buiying a new one!!

didnt notice any muck though...glad i didnt!


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haha long live the handjam


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i always find the process of cleaning out controller guff very relaxing.


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The worst was back in the days of ball mice. You'd have one for a couple of years, it would start to become unresponsive and upon taking the ball out to investigate the problem the rollers would be covered in a combination of handjam, dust and small hairs that you'd hope didn't originate from the nether regions.

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