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Hi guys. I am really hoping that i can get some directions in what it has to do with the Dirty Screen Effect, and how is it that is happening.

I have a Philips 4K 49 inch with really bad issues about DSE. I thing they appeared while handling the TV with time and maybe my kid also made some of it possible by (presumably) playing with a toy and pressing the screen.

Now i would like to understand what is happening inside the screen to cause the DSE and what can i do to repair it. I was thinking of opening the TV and rearrange the sheets between the backlight and the LCD itself (if there lay the problem)

I need to mention that it wasn`t like so when i have buyed the TV years ago and in the meantime we moved and handle the TV from house to house.
So any advice is welcomed.


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If those marks and blotches have been caused by physical damage, then I would have thought the only thing that would sort all that out would be a new screen, unfortunately.

If you try to take the TV apart and mess with the screen yourself, you risk making the problem even worse... and possibly electrocution if you're not competent in working with electronics. I would just be thankful that it doesn't appear be be too visible, at least not in the photo you posted.


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So do you mean that a DSE is actually a psychical damage to the display itself ? I can handle the repair and get around with electronics. I just want to know if I take the time to open it up, will rearranging the sheets do any good.


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I'm no expert on this subject by any means but - as I understand it - when DSE is discussed on these forums, it usually relates to issues with screen uniformity that are present when the TV is new, although it can get develop and get better (but often worse) as a TV ages. This type of DSE isn't down to physical damage - it is just inherent with the panel technology, to a certain extent.

You said that you thought the marks in your photos were caused by physical damage, in which case I guess that's not down to the usual DSE as such, although the result of the damage could cause screen uniformity issues which look similar. Either way, I can't imagine that the issue is DIY-fixable. Have you read or seen somewhere that it is ?


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I would not recommend taking the panel apart, there is a very high chance you'll destroy the panel. TBH it's not great but it's not catastrophically bad atm and still watchable. I have attempted to take panels apart in the past and have NEVER managed to improve the fault, just make it worse.


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Thanks guys for the suggestions. I wasn`t planning taking apart the panel itself, but only to to disassemble those sheets of plastic (was thinking that maybe there is the problem, that it got stuck to the panel itself in some places and the backlight is showing strange shadows now ).

Now i understand that DSE is in the panel itself and it can`t be done. Taking apart the TV and out the panel it`s not a problem for me, but screwing with the display is out of my limits.

On normal TV watching you`re right, it`s not that disturbing apart for the vertical line in the midle of the screen when there is a face for example in the picture.

Was thinking of replacing the panel but i did not found where i could buy it.


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Was thinking of replacing the panel but i did not found where i could buy it.
How old is the TV and how much did it cost ? Brand new, replacement panels (if still available) can often be a similar cost to buying a new TV. You'd probably need to find a second-hand, donor TV with a perfect panel but, even then, I'm not sure how easy an LCD panel swap is. You'd probably be safer buying a second-hand, working model.


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It costed 800€ 4 years ago. Honestly I really like the tv and if I buy a new one it's a shame to throw this away. The ambilight feature and Android OS i would like to keep. (LG and Samsung have proprietary OS). But you're right. Maybe it's time to buy something new and try to sell this one.

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