Bargain Dirt Rally PSVR Bundle


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Is it any good with the Ds controller?

Hows the motion sickness, i got it worts with Drive CLub when i hit a hall.


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I've not had any issues with it, whereas some others, Doom with free movement being the worse, I have.

I wonder if it's because it's got a cockpit?


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It's worth it at that price no doubt, even with the ds4. However after playing I went and got myself a wheel and seat for full immersion.

Drive club vr didn't make me feel sick but DR does if I've not been on for a while, when I played it a lot I got to the stage where I could do the daily challenge, the weekly one then a few stages of the monthly then my single player campaign, 1-2 hours easy with no I'll effects.

However one time totally out of the blue it did actually make vomit, didn't listen to my sensible switch and just kept playing thinking it would pass:facepalm:

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