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Nov 22, 2000
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Anyone make a point of listening to these ?

Guess it depends on the film, and/or who's doing the commentary.

Think I prefer actors to directors - though some of both can be incredibly tedious.

What are your favourite commentaries ?

I enjoyed Billy Crystal/Bob DeNiro on Analyse This, and Morgan Freeman in Se7en.
Either can be good it's just depends. Some of the best I have heard are.

Mike Myers and Jay Roch on the first Austin Powers Film.

Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Possible one of the funniest I have ever heard. Two people having a laugh about old times and getting more drunk as time goes on.

Simon West Commentary on The Generals Daughter was pretty good too. Especially a bit where he talks about no military support for the film, as they did not want to take part in a film that shows them in a negative light.
I rarely listen to them. One exception was writer/director's commentary on Donnie Darko (essential listening for new viewers wanting to work the damn thing out!).
I usually go through audio commentaries when I'm on the computer, and want something on in the background. Since it's just audio, I don't need to pay much attention to the TV.
Although I rarely listen to them, a Directors commentary is something I am very interested in having. I am fascinated by the creative process of the director and I have listened to small sections but would find a full film a little too much.

The commentary on The Evil Dead and As Good As It Gets are very entertaining.
I tried listening to George Lucas etc. commentary on the Episode I DVD but unfortunately fell asleep - not sure if it was the film or the commentary though :D.

I really enjoyed Ridley Scott's Commentary on Alien as it gave some fascinating insight in to that movie. I only really listen to the commentaries on films that affect me in such a way that I need to know everything about them but it's always a welcome addition to have.
Originally posted by kevb
Either can be good it's just depends. Some of the best I have heard are.

Mike Myers and Jay Roch on the first Austin Powers Film.
Agreed. I was very disappointed with their commentary on The Spy Who Shagged Me, tho'.

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell in The Thing was also very good. It sounded like they were having a great time chatting about the film and sharing a few beers...

Any of the Bey Logan commentaries on Hong Kong Legends discs are worth a listen.

Although I haven't got around to listening to a fraction of the commentary tracks on dvds I own (yet), I think they are definitely one of the more worthwhile dvd extras.
Originally posted by lmccauley
Agreed. I was very disappointed with their commentary on The Spy Who Shagged Me, tho'.
It was very poor compared to the first films commentary.:(
I don't bother listening very often but the worst one that I came across was Paul Verhoeven on Starship Troopers which was incredibly boring and the best was Robert Rodriguez on both Desperado and Il Mariachi plus Wolfie on Das Boot as they were articulate and amusing whilst giving the right mix of insight, gossip and technical detail
I like the ones on the Se7en special edition and also the ones on Fight Club.

Started listening to the Actors one on Oceans 11 (the new one). A few funny moments so far.

Have to agree with groundy that Ridley Scott's Commentary on Alien has to be one of the finest yet. The amount of facts that he adds about the production and set designs were amazing. Highly recomended to any fan of the Alien movie.
I go along with McMullunbrush.

I only seldomly listen to them but ther are things I look out for and want on a DVD, particularly my faveourite movies.

And yes, The Ridley Scott commentary for Alien is one of the best i've heard.

I always look for a commentary a good extra.

Agree with Scotts Alien - also enjoyed the his gladiator.

Thought the Producer/Writer commentary on Speed was entertaining but not heard JanDe Bonts yet.

Hated MI2 - John Woo explaining how its really a love story :confused:
I don't often have time to listen to the commentaries but the best I've heard so far is Mike Leigh's commentary on Topsy Turvy. He virtually talks none stop. He talks enthuisiastically about particular scenes or certain actor's performances. He also brings up interesting bits of information about Gilbert and Sullivan's real relationship and incidents which occurred in history around the same time the film is set.

Worth the 'admission price' alone IMHO

Tommy lee Jones in MIB was a nice little commentary, interesting plot twist halfway though too.
Idle hands(r1) and clerks(r1) both have cracking commentaries.The director and the stars having a laugh and taking the mick of the actors not there with them.With clerks, Jay sounds totally wasted and actually passes out at Smiths feet.
Just to add a couple, here. The "not as bad as I thought it would be" Resident Evil has a great commentary. When Milla Jovovich tells the producer something like "...hold on - you're talking about how the scene is filtered and I'm showing my nipple!" was very funny (as is Michelle Rodriguez almost all of the time).
A couple more are Fight Club and Big Trouble in Little China. The actors and director are obviously good freinds in both films esp Kurt Russell and John Carpenter.
Lastly, there is a somewhat dry critic comentary on Dark City that, though not a fun commentary, certainly gives some insight to what critics look out for in a film.

I would like to add that I really liked the Alien and The Thing commentaries, too

Just listened to Guillermo del Toro's commentary on Blade 2. Have to say it's excellent, really funny but very informative your really understand why the film is the way it is when compared to the first film. Also he is not shy to point out where he went wrong, what CGI effects he thinks are **** and where the studio tried to interfere with the direction he was trying to take the film. Excellent.
I would definitely recommend the Ghostbusters audio/video commentary with Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis. Very funny and insightful. ;)
I gotta say I do like my commentaries.
Best one has to me Alien. Followed by all of the Evil Dead films, cos its just full of jokes. And Paul Verhoeven on Starship Troopers, cos of all the politics.
Im looking forward to getting and listening to 'They Live' sa Im hoping it to be along the same lines at Starship Troopers.

We should have a commentaires review of films as some can be bad. Star Wars ep.1 and Jurassic Park 3 are pony. I dont want to hear all the CGI and tech stuff. JP3 made be fall asleep 3 times to to listen to that.

O and Something About Marry was quite funny too :)

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