directional component leads


Picked up the latest copy of Wot HiFI today, just love a comic and lo and behold, theres some information thats useful.:eek:

Seems they have tested the Chord Company interconnects and given them **** stars:rolleyes:
Chord must really take out more advertising space, shame on them:p

The interesting bit was that the Chord cables are uni-directional.

Hmmm I thought, better check them. Guess what, wrong way round ( could only tell cos of some gold arrows and took a guess they should point away from the Player ).

They also remarked that the cable was too expensive at 100 quid / m, but I got 10m for 120 quid :D :p

Bet you think Im going to tell you about the massive difference they make.


not tried them yet and Im not sure I would be able to remember what the picture was like, but Im sure I will make up something:clown:

Anyone else got directional cables and tried this?


Originally posted by JSW
put 240 volts down each end and then tell me they are directional !!!

Uhh yes, could try that, but I am not sure how I would measure the difference. High accuracy scope, power analyser what?
Wont use my tongue though:eek:


I might be going for these cables as I have heard they are supposed to be quite good.

Let us know what you think the picture looks like with them, even if you don't remember what the picture used to look like!


To be honest, even connected the wrong way around the picture looked good, so I suppose I will take it for granted it would be better with the cables correctly fitted.

On the subject of comparison, I can do that easily with speaker cables, listening to the same tracks over and over. But I am not sure I could do the same with visual media.

Anyway, shall watch something tonight and bask in the 100% improved picture quality and report back;) :D


Through a dealer in Oldham, I bought the PJ and screen also.

They were very good, gave good advice ( unusual for most dealers ) on the strength of this I ordered the lot. This is not my usual way of buying, normally I hunt high and low for the best prices. This dealer was happy to set a system up in an hour and left me to watch whatever I wanted.

The interesting thing is that the Sanyo PLV30 was 1695.00 and the screen 550.00, looking at prices on the net it seems like I got a great deal as well.

I will dig out the name of the dealer if you like, not sure if he would be happy selling the leads at that price separately looking at the RRP.


yes thanks if you could dig the name out, this would be most heplfull...


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