"direct tv rec"


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ok, i have always wondered what this button does (whenever i press it nothing seems to happen), could someone please tell me, :lesson: thanks


As a total guess, it fires up a recorder of the same make as your telly connected by a cable. Of course, I'm probably talking out of my proverbial, I've never seen that one.


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Yep thats right.

For example, on a panasonic tv and vcr/dvd recorder, pressing that button would record whatever you are watching on the tv.


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As madman1178 has correctly said, it's basically to avoid the goof of seeing something on tv and wanting to instantly start recording it without realising your vcr or dvd recorder is set to a different channel and therefore won't be recording the same programme. Usually only works when both tv and recorder are the same brand as far as I know.


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