Direct recording on Panasonic DMR-BWT850 / 800


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I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT800 which has a SCART connection to my Sky+HD box so that I can copy (albeit in analogue) recordings to acrchive to BluRay. I do also have a DMR-BWT850 that does not have the SCART input.

I have tried using a Triax DVB-T modulator to modulate the output of the Sky box and then record the assocaited TV channel that Triax outputs.

Unfortunately neither Panasonic will record. When I use direct record set to continuous - ie until I manually stop it the red REC light comes on on the Panasonic unit, but the counter stays at 00:00:00 and no recording is made.

I wondered if anyone else had successfully recorded a locally modulated signal in this way ont he Panasonic recorders?

The output of the Triax modulator works fine for display on the Panasonic, which correctly identifies it as a 1080i source, or indeed 1080/24p if used with a blu ray player.


This is probably not circumventable.

The likely reason is that The BWT850 is detecting HDCP content (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
and it will not record under such circumstances.

I would expect it to record if the material content was not protected.


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I tried similar with a Technomate HD DVB-T modulator, Panasonic BWT720 refused to record it regardless of its input, even with no HDMI input, just the modulator's setup page showing it would not record.


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Interesting - I did also connect the modulator to the HDMI output of a CCTV NVR which I assume has no HDCP, it still wouldn't record. I wonder if the modulators are inserting DHCP flags regardless.

I'll ask on Regionfreedom, who have custome firmware to defect some aspects of the Panasonic


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First response from the team at Region freedom is a lack of understanding of the modulators. I'll continue the dialogue. I wonder if anyone knows of a DVB-T interface for a PC that could be used to gain more information on whether any form of HDCP or 'do not record' flags are set?
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