Dipps's New home project- the ground work


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Hi all,

Please go easy as its my first post. Im currently running the following...

  • Samsung UE46D8000 to which I have a 2tb WD Hard drive with all my movies, play directly through the smart hub tv.

  • Onkyo HT-R380 with the Onkyo speakers that came with the package.

  • Xbox 360 Slim 250gb for gaming.

  • Possibility of an infocus 1080p projector (My dads donating so for a freebie/start cant complain)
  • 13" Macbook Pro
The reason i'm posting is to get advice as I have recently purchased a bungalow and will be starting my own 'Project' after years of dreaming!

My questions to start off with are purely on the equipment upgrade side, I know its all basic but my budgets gonna be tight as all available funds are going to be directed to renovating the place.

1. I want to be able to stream from my iphone/ipad directly to the amp for music but it has no wifi/bluetooth built in. Any cheap and cheerful options? I know there is the option of upgrading the amp or sonos/squeezeboxes etc but that will be later down the line.

2. Im looking to have AV work done then upgrade equip later but I wanted to ask about the Boston Acoustic Soundware xs speakers. Will they be noticeably better than the current stock 5.1 onkyo speakers? Also im guessing im going to have problems with the passive sub connection on the amp and the soundware having an active sub?

3. And finally, im happy running my films directly on my tv but im going to need some way of getting them on the projector. My dads running a WD media player which is neat and tidy with a nice interface but I want to look at options for XBMC. Is there any way of running this on the cheap without a HTPC? Iv heard of jailbroken apple tv sets. Anything better you can recommend?

Ill post pics of my setup/new home later, Im just trying to do the ground work now. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



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you didint say if you were keeping the samsung Tv in the set-up, maybe behind the projector screen?? (I guess splitting the output from the receiver becomes the problem then)

My point being to answer your 1st question about streaming audio.
I have a similar D series 46" samsung smart Tv and can stream music and video directly from an android phone to the TV. Of course the Tv is connected to my receiver and through the audio return channel on HDMI 1.4 the sound comes via the surround system. I assume there is an IOS app that can do the same as an Android right?


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Thanks for the reply. Yeah Im defiantly keeping the tv and its running via ARC on the amp. Seems a little excessive to have to have the tv on while just listening to music in your setup? Also what happens if you want play on the xbox and have music on?

Im pretty certain im going to have to have another source to plug my hard drive to run XBMC then a hdmi splitter running to the tv and projector?

I wish Samsung would add some sort of interface to the videos section, would be great (I love the way xbmc looks when your browsing the library).



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Okay a bit more research and the apple tv seems a pretty good option, especially when jailbr*ken. Im gonna post the other questions in specific forums, cheers.

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