Dipole on back wall?


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Need your advices on my 5.1 setup/positioning!

Here is my living room setup, it is a small one and I can't get any space behind/next to the sofa (the star is the listening position, about 2m from the screen).

In this case, should I use dipole/bipole surrounds? or maybe I will be better off with something else? I think the only way I can fit in the surround speaker is to mount them on the back wall/ceiling.

I am getting MA's BX2 so maybe match them with the BXFXs? Those are dipole/bipole ones.


Thanks very much! :thumbsup:


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I bought my Onkyo 876 AVR from a member here who had a similar system in his front room with bipole speakers behind his setee.

If I remember rightly,his were the MA Silvers,but the point is,they sounded excellent to me.

I think that you would be happy with that layout.



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This would probably be your best option or ceiling speakers.

If you can try a pair first to see what you think (as some people dont like the dipole's) + dont keep them to close together.
I have a similar set-up (sofa close to the wall) & im changing to 4 dipole surrounds shortly. I prefer dipoles to other surrounds :thumbsup:
Also keep them approx 2 meters high


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I had the same problem as yourself but I was using direct firing speakers that I thought sounded ok until I purchased a pair of M&K K4 Tripole and mounted on the back wall more or less where you've marked your drawing. They sound amazing. There's a pair on eBay at the moment. Do a search about K4 tripole.

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