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Guys, have moved the TV & surround from one end of the room to the other but now all the services are at the wrong end of the house. Have run a cable ouside that I plan to run up the wall towards where the old aerials are. Can I use a diplexer to get both services down the same cable? Tv is on the chimney, Radio is mounted on the facia board at the back of the house. The newly run coax will go up the outside of the house over the roof and join onto the orignal lead from the TV aerial on the chimney at eaves height at the back of the house next to where the radio aerial is. So I need to combine both aerials down the one new lead or am I barking up the wrong tree.


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Can I use a diplexer to get both services down the same cable?


A diplexer is a filtered splitter/combiner. Each side contains a filter that's designed to pass a specific frequency band to or from the common connector with a low insertion loss, while at the same rejecting frquencies that the other side passes.

So you need to get the correct type. You didn't say if your radio aerial is FM or DAB, but it doesn't matter because you can get a VHF/UHF diplexer that will combine the signals from a TV aerial and an FM or DAB aerial. You will need a weatherproof type if you want to install it outside. This one should be suitable. And it passes DC to the TV aerial for powering a masthead amp, if you've got one.

You can use another diplexer at the other end of the downlead to separate out the TV and radio signals. It can be a second one of the same type, or an inline type, or a wall plate with a built in diplexer. If you want to use a wall plate, this one should be suitable.

You could use a splitter instead of a diplexer in the living room, but a diplexer has a lower insertion loss (about 1dB instead of 3 to 6dB for a passive splitter) and the filtering in the diplexer will also help by attenuating strong out of band signals.

You can also get a triplexer that will combine signals from separate TV, FM and DAB aerials. There's a selection of diplexers and triplexers here and a selection of wall plates here.

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Maldonian very informative saves me having to run two downleads so perfect. I was getting confused but you have put it in perspective, the bit I was getting confuesed with what I was going to do at the aerial end but didnt think of putting 1 either end.
Thanks a lot

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