Dimmer switch and ac/dc wall wart adapter

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    I am currently using a normal 1 gang switch to control an electric motorized projection screen.

    The switch provides power to an unregulated AC/DC adapter (wall wart type) which outputs dc voltage to a relay which switches a mains feed to either the up or down live feed to the projection screen.

    I have recently attempted to replace the switch with a 1 gang Philex Select infra red dimmer (getting lazy with old age!!!) but have found that the dimmer always supplies the same voltage in its on/off states. This, naturally, causes the adapter to always output a dc voltage, i.e. it cannot switch the feeds to the projection screen.
    Unsurprisingly, perhaps, if I connect a 60w lamp in parallel with the adapter the dimmer behaves as you would expect, ie. like an on/off switch.

    Clearly, the dimmer requires to 'see' a resistive load to work properly but this has come as a shock to someone who has no in depth knowledge of the intracacies of electricity.

    Now, although it works, it is not practical to keep this arrangement permanent because it is to be placed in the ceiling space above the projector.

    I am hoping that someone could suggest another way of introducing a resistive load that can be safely connected in parallel and be sited in the ceiling cavity OR perhaps another infra red dimmer that works without a resistive load. :lease:

    I am hoping to avoid the use of x10 and anything costing more than a £100.

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