Dimmer for 1Kw of lights


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Candle lamps are lamps shaped like a candle flame. (I have no idea why it makes a difference to the loading). 40 x 25 is 1000 so it's just inside the spec. I assume your bulbs are normal - not halogen or low wattage CFLs or any such thing -right? I think TLC Direct are pretty good at answering queries if you call or EMail.

If you overload the dimmer, the only real risk is that you kill the dimmer. In my opinion, it's rarely a good idea to run anything up to its max spec for prolonged periods. I doubt you'll find anything more robust simply because lighting circuits aren't normally rated above 1kw anyway. It might be an idea if practical to split the array into two halves; in the long run it might save a few replacement switches.


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They are referring to candle lamps that are decorative and flicker, not the normal ones.

1000W dimmer may not fit your existing switch box as well, and in some cases should be installed into a 35 or deeper box, due to heat.

Keep the extinguisher handy.


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They are referring to candle lamps that are decorative and flicker....
Those are neons and can't be dimmed anyway. And are very, very low wattage.

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