Dimmable LED mood lighting system


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I am planning to have installed mood lighting system in house I am renovating. Will need about 50 circuits and up to 20 switches. Have considered lutron homeworks and grafik eye, Ilight and clipsal. Currently favouring clipsal partly as like switches and also cost and flexibility (i.e. software can be modified by user, computer interface, ipod control).

But I want to use dimmable leds throughout house to save energy. There have recently appeared a number of these bulbs on the market around about 7W which can work with normal house dimmers and dont require drivers. Formats include GU10 and bayonet. Quite expensive bulbs at present, but prices likely to come down and I expect these will supercede halogens as far more energy efficient and have long life.

So far some tests (by companies who offer lighting systems) indicate these may work with mood control dimmers, but a few problems, e.g. work in conjunction with halogen but not alone, and minimum number required in circuit. Has anyone any experience in this area and know of any other lighting systems to recommend which would be suitable and what minimum loading is for using these leds? One led available is Philips 7W dimmable which I have seen working and gives a good light and does dim quite well but this was in circuit with a halogen. Would welcome any suggestions and comments. thanks


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Thanks for the information. Do these cfl units work ok with the dimmer units in mood lighting systems and what is the light quality like? Regarding the 0-10 Volt circuits you mention, do these require separate modules from the normal 240V dimmer units? I am surprised you mention heat problems with the dimmerable leds, which theoretically are only drawing 7Watts of power and should be producing negligible heat.


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LED's overheating is a big issue for long term reliability, 0-10V is seperate control system to sine wave dimming (leading/trailing edge) some can be dimmed with leading/trailing its all down to the fitting and the dimmer specs.... 7W, interesting idea a bit like 2000W audio systems that draw 2A max current.....


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Dimming LEDs by mains (trailing edge dimmers) is all very new. The only two GU10 replacement LEDs we have tested and approved successfully are the dimmable PHILIPS MASTER LED and AVA Lights 6w.

There are plenty of external driver type LEDs on the market, these either use trailing edge mains (for example the CUBE Snowflake, etc...) or 0-10v, DALI or DSI control.

Unfortunately till the LED lighting market matures, there are no set standards... which is a headache for us control manufacturers.



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Probably not what you are after, but I use 'Varilight' dimmable lights that I control with my Harmony 900 - works fine and is dimmable by the remote. Very simple setup.


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lighting is turning into my BIGGEST headache by far on my extention, its a nightmare

It is do-able just requires some thought and planning from people who know what they are doing and have done it many times before....

a healthy budget is required but its not that difficult with the right suppliers

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