Dimensions help for Philips 32PF9986


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Hi all...been registered for a while, and finally decided to join the 9986 movement :smashin:

Well, got my LCD TV coming next week, so I've been preparing a false wall to to hang it on; hopefully you guys can help me out with a couple of things to make sure it all goes smoothly come 'D-Day' (or 'LCD-Day' :D)

I'm going to be mounting the screen on 18m MDF - I've marked out on the MDF where it will be hanging, but I need the dimensions of the wall brackets that I'm told are supplied with the TV. Can anyone help us out with this?

Also, I'm planning to run all the cabling through a cut-out in the MDF which will exit at floor level from a gap in the side of the wall (made from plasterboard). Can anyone tell me the dimensions (roughly) where the power/scart leads connect at the back of the TV so my cut-out will be in the right place/size for cabling?

I'll be adding some pics of the progress so far once I've figured it out, but I'd appreciate anyone's help in the meantime :thumbsup:

Counting down the days... ;)


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I still have the wall bracket in the box, unused. Unless somebody else jumps in before me, I can photograph it and add the dimensions to the picture so you know exactly what size and shape it is. I'll also take a picture of the back of the TV and add some measurements to that.

What you'll need to do is send me a private message with your Email address so I can forward this info. I'll be able to do this tonight, after 6pm.


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