Dillema...need some advice please...


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I'm in a dillema....

It took me 2 years of reading forums and reviews before I finally bought an lcd tv.
I had the Samsung LE40M87 for 3 weeks, then it went in repair for 3 months.
I'm trying to get my money back from Samsung now so I can buy a new tv.

I was pleased with the LE40M87 (it went in repair because it had clouding and there was something wrong with the plastic body of the tv) but there where 4 cons for me:

* In dark scenes it was most of the time hard to see details
* For me the 40" was to small, I didn't get the "cinema feel"
* The clouding problem
* Samsung using different panels


* 1080p support on all connections
* SD signal was very good
* Just Scan option for 1:1 pixel mapping
* 3 x HDMI 1.3

But now I'm looking for a new one, should I stick with Samsung despite of the bad service or should I go for a sharp or a sony or a philips....

Important for me are that I keep the pro's of the LE40M87 and:

* max £1300
* Tv must accept and play 24 fps material

Anyone who has some advice for me please....


You can buy the new Sony KDL-40V3000 or the 40W3000 which will be available near a month(but pre order started).THese will be similar if not better than the M87!They have 24p compatibility,3xHDMI 1.3,but they dont have 1080p for all inputs(I think).Also the new 37PFL9632 worth a look


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Thanks for the reply Chris!

you think the sony lcd's are a good buy?
The W2000 only had 1080p over HDMI and had allot of problems with bleeding or clouding so I'm curious what the W300 will do in the reviews

the philips is too expensive for me, and the new models don't have a vga connection and i need that one for the 360.

What about the upcoming Sharp HD1 model?


ohhhh...Sharp HD1!!!Very promising!Hope thats wont coming with banding!!!


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is samsung the only company who uses different panels with diffferent specs in their tv or does sharp, sony and philips do this also ?


Samsung:37M86:CONTRAST 8.000:1
40M86:CONTRAST 15.000:1
46M86:CONTRAST 15.000:1
52M86:CONTRAST 15.000:1

Sony:All models the same
Philips:All the same
Sharp:Only 42XD1 has different panel than the others XD1

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