Ive already ordered a PIONEER 436XDE 2 days ago but since have noticed judder in a demo at Sevenoaks. Now I know this may well bug me so either...

1...I stick with the order for the 436XDE
2...I continue to wait another 15 years for 42PV500 stock
3...A PHD8 as I already have an audio setup

Problem is its an insurance claim so I have to order from 'Empire Commercial' which is basically 'Empire Direct' and they dont have the PHD8 on their list.

Do u think I would be able to get them to source a PHD8 for me anyway?

(Also, why cant I find any mention of the PHD8 on Pannys website?)
I think its a question of wether you notice it or not, from what I believe from some of the better knowledgable on here, its always there, thats why I opted against it and kept my order for the Pv500. Plus it was going to be another £3-500 more expensive. From reading on avsforum.com the Pv500 is still the Plasma to have for most, even though their a bugger to get hold of, but that tells you something in itself. My advice would be to be patient, or goto JL as they have them in stock right now and if you PM you will get a good deal, like me, £2259 42" with Pedestal Stand, 5 year warranty.

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