Dilemma: Oldie versus New Guy


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Hi boys,

I am in dillema of chosing a/v amp.
So, i got an offer to trade my Denon AVR-1509 for oldie:)grin:) NAD T-753.
Speakers are; Wharfedale 9.1 and Mission MH3C, room is about 18m2.

I listen to music a lot, but there is a lot of movies too.So which one would perform better?Nad or Denon...For now, Denon is leading by his look, so is it worth to sacrifice (sexy) look for old ugly prolly good playing monster?:rotfl:



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Imo the NAD will out perform the Denon for sound. NAD are very well thought of with regards to their sound but you will not get HDMI anything.

You do get a full set of connections so the right BR player will be able to decode the audio and send via it's analogue outs (hence getting the right player).

A more knowledgable member will correct me if i'm wrong. You could always contact NAD to confirm.

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