Dilemma - KDFE50A12 or TH42PE50 plasma?


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We are split firmly in 2 camps here. One for plasma and one for the 50A12.
Has anyone who has the luxury of having both sets or had a similar dilemma let me know their thoughts :lease:

I can get both for a similar price although the Sony comes with a 5yr guarantee compared to the 1yr with the panny. Sony comes with table but Panny with a DVD recorder.


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I would go for the sony. I would not be paying 1400 quid today for any tv which wasn't HD (which the Panasonic isn't). I have seen the Panasonic at a local AV shop and the sony at Currys. Although I didn't see them together they both had great pictures (running dvd player by component). However, the Panny is 42" and the sony 50" so in the sony you are getting a bigger tv, same picture (if not better,) and HD.


Go for the Sony one mate, It's the best HD TV for the price and much better than other brands which cost £500 more than this. I bought one today and it really is impressive and better picture than Samsung DLPs.


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I have got the sony and a Hitachi 7200 plasma, I find the picture and sound on the plasma more realistic but the sony is larger and hundreds of pounds cheaper,also has freeview on board.
On balance I think the sony is by far the better value but its your call demo both sets before deciding and remember the sony is future proof for HD
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