dilemma...Help me spend my money!!!

Jimmy H

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I have just bought a panny PX80 and, at the moment only have enough money left to get either Sky HD or a home cinema set up. Do i really need an all in one dvd/home cinema or a separates amp/speaker system. I have a dvd player with a scart and co-ax audio output, and i assume that the panny does any upscaling that a new all in one system would do. So should i get Sky HD and watch it through the tv speakers till i can afford a home cinema set up, or get the home cinema first and wait a few months for sky HD.


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Nasty choice:)

I would go with the audio side, 5.1 of any variety is a must to appreciate DVD let alone HD and SKY HD and Freesat HD will only get cheaper.
If we are only talking a few months either way then I don't think you'll suffer too much what ever the choice just make sure you get an audio system will enough inputs and make sure you know exactly what SKY HD costs overall:)


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Mmmm,i'd go the other way.....Sky hd first......something to watch on your nice new Panny :smashin:

Give you a bit of time to review a few av amps etc.



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Toughie. I was fortunate that I could do both at the same time.

Question that might help - what TV have you upgraded from and what do you think of the sound from the flatscreen?

I had a Sony CRT that had fantastic built in speakers and the 'upgrade' to a new flatscreen/HD etc left me feeling very dissappointed with the sound from the TV.

Given that I would have picked Amp/Speakers over HD as I get the benefit from everything I watch, rather than just the HD programmes.

There again if you like sport then HD Euro Championships / Olympics / Wimbledon / Champions League and Play-offs (if you get it in time) etc will be amazing.

Jimmy H

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Thanks Guys,
My previous telly was a Philips 32pw9617 with the included wireless surround speakers. It was only about 5 or 6 years old and cost me over as grand back then, so you can imagine how painful it was realising how obsolete it is now!!!
Still, my 700 quid panny p****s on it so i am a happy fella! I think i will go for the audio set up. I have little kids so my sport watching days(sky HD etc) are rather limited. I will have to decide soon, my missus is getting hacked off with the time i'm spending on this forum!!
Do i really need a upscaling dvd player when i already have an older(non-upscaling) one? My current player only has scart and co-ax so it may be that these limitations hold me back from getting the full potential out of my system in the future.........discuss!!!:smashin:

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