Dilemma between Sony DVPNS700 or Toshiba SD510

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by silver_sam, Jul 2, 2002.

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    I know there are benefits such as SACD, DVD-Audio, progressive scan etc. between these players.

    However, my main questions are simple:

    Which one is better:

    1) for picture quality?
    Does the Tosh 510 54MHz 10bit D/A Converter indeed a BIG improvement over the 27 MHz/ 10 bit Video D/A Converter in the Sony?

    2) for normal audio CD stereo reproduction?
    [Same sampling rate @ 192 kHz/ 24 bit for both players]

    Is is true that Sony tv work best with Sony player or Tosh telly with Tosh player? Or is it a 'cliche'?

    Thanks for reading/replying.

    -Silver Sam-

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    there is probably not much in it picture-wise ... Toshiba just slightly ahead - but it does do progressive scan which is a big plus even just as future proofing.

    the DAC stuff isnt really important... I think the 54Mhz for the Tosh is based on the 510 running in progressive mode anyway.. pretty sure it will be 27Mhz when running in standard interlaced. anyone confirm this 100%?

    CDs not much in it either I'd expect... both should be okay/ good if they are expected to be SACD/ DVD-Audio players... get a demo if you really want to get the best CD sound.

    and as for, Sony best with their TVs, Tosh best with their TVs... no.. just a cliche. Toshiba do component in on their TVs which is why all their DVD players have the feature.

    your choice at the end of the day... are you really bothered about DVD-Audio or SACD?

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