Dilemma : 2 speakers or 2 + sub with ~2-3k. budget

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by jacklelad, Jul 24, 2005.

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    I would appreciate some views/help ...

    - My priority is 2 channel music (+some movies)
    - Material is wide ; Coldplay to Classical
    - Budget is 2-3k. (second hand is an option)
    - Room is medium size (all hard surfaces)
    - System is Denon 3805 AV into Musical Fidelity A3CR Power with Denon 2910 universal player

    My dilemma is should I invest all my money in floorstanders or should I go with standmount (or floorstanders) + subwoofer ?

    Theoretically, I imagine that a 2-way mid/tweeter plus a dedicated subwoofer would offer the best solution but I don't know anyone that makes them.

    Or should I get a 3-way floormount with no sub ?

    Options considered include :

    - Acoustic Energy AE1 Mk. III + B&W PV1 (can't seem to find any dealer handling both for a demo)
    - B&W 800 Series but the cheaper 2-way would not have a dedicated mid-range driver ; would a mid/bass driver be as good if bass was being handled by the sub ?
    - Spendor S8e with no sub.

    Thanks for any help/opinions, Jack

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