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I'm looking for a 'girlfriend friendly' 5.1 speaker set up (maybe 6.1) to run from a pioneer AX3 amp. Was running kef eggs (version 1) from a pioneer 1011 amp (which died ! and was replaced by the AX3 under warranty). The previous set up was good with movies and ok with music.
I sold the 'eggs' because I wanted to upgrade and keep the girlfriend quiet (she hated the way they looked)
Anyone got any suggestions on balancing sound quality with room friendly looks ? budget is up to £1500 tops.

would the flat missions be a waste bearing in mind the amp and their low price ?

Anyone got the infinity oreaous package ?, or the monitor audio radius package ?

any suggestions greatly appreciated !!!


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See what I got below, also the reasons why! Got the sub in beech veneer, as we wanted it to match the beech Radius speakers. Does look very pleasing, and sounds rather good too!


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B&W VM1's @ £125 each, partnered with a B&W ASW675 @ £649 RRP would make a pretty decent system.
Total cost for 5.1 speaker package @ RRP = £1274. You should probably be able to haggle with a decent dealer.

I recently demo'd the VM1's and they are the best budget satelites I have listened too. My wife loved them, so they got a big WAF thumbs up here. I tried them at home with my ASW675 and they blended nicely, and of course the sub is one of the finest you can buy for it's size and price.

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